Food & Wine

Puglia is a warm, welcoming region, rich in sun, sea and flavors, bridge between east and west …
Along the territory of Puglia you are fascinated by its many and varied aspects from art to culture, to enjoy the ancient culinary traditions passed on from generation to generation, which make Puglia a region where the taste of the sea and that of the earth come together creating exquisite recipes, flagships of prestigious menus of our kitchen. The inhabitants of this land, with centuries of hard work, have been able to make agriculture the most important source for economic growth, in fact, the table is rich in flavors, ingredients, traditions linked to these efforts. Of the four cornerstones of the Apulian cuisine, three – oil, wheat, vegetables – come from the work of the earth; one – the fish – comes from the sea that bathes Puglia for almost eight hundred kilometers. In addition to products that have always been sought after, Puglia is in step with what are the new types of cultivation, through increasingly sought-after and cutting-edge biological crops. This type of cultivation in addition to being respectful of the earth, has positive effects from the point of view of health, as pesticides are not used, allowing it to bring to mind and especially the palate, the ancient and authentic flavors of the earth. Provinces and municipalities have the task of making Apulia known in all its facets, associating to each city a path that starts from the origins, up to the streets of taste through traditional festivals, as a meeting point between different cultures of a same territory.
Many Apulian agricultural products reach the production record at the national level, above all thanks to the predominantly flat and low-hill territory.
The gastronomic heritage of the Apulian cuisine, generally simple as for preparations, is based on the quality of the ingredients, on genuine and decisive flavors, on rustic inventions.
The Apulian cuisine, in fact, is famous for the multiplicity and freshness of its products and the riches that nature makes available, among all we remember: extra virgin olive oil, wine, rosoli, baked products (bread, taralli, griselle, focacce, calzoni …), sausages, fish always fresh, mussels and sea urchins, dairy products and various dairy products (mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, caciocavallo …), durum wheat pasta and fresh pasta, legumes, fruit (cherries, almonds …), vegetables (tomatoes, turnip greens, “lampasciuni”, artichokes …) and, last but not least, desserts typical (cartellate, zeppole, boconotti …).
Thanks to some of these exceptional and unique products, Puglia reaches the first place in an ideal food podium and represents the best that can offer Mediterranean cuisine.