Museums of Brindisi

The Archaeological Museum is named after Francesco Ribezzo, great scholar of Messapian culture. The visit to the Museum is divided into six different paths: 1. The epigraphic section, 2. The statuary section, 3. The antiquarian section, 4. The prehistoric section, 5. The numismatic section, 6. The underwater exhibition: ‘The Bronzes of Punta del Serrone ‘. In each section they placed pieces of great artistic importance; the section that most fascinates the visitor is, in general, the section dedicated to the findings of Punta del Serrone, two miles from the port of Brindisi. in 1992 were found here male bronze trosi – one of which depicts the consolo Lucio Emilio Paolo – and some heads of citizens and Roman towns, dating back to the IV-III century BC. In the other sections are placed heterogeneous materials, coming from various sites, both apulian and Greek: vases, everyday artifacts, epigraphs, pinakes, votive objects.

Place: Brindisi
Address: Piazza Duomo, 7
Telephone: 0831/565501
Opening days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Located within the Messapic area of ​​the Roman city of Egnathia, it brings together finds from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. You can admire findings concerning the settlements developed in the Bronze Age along the Apulian coast, floor mosaics coming from the noble houses of Roman Taranto, and the story of Egnazia is illustrated.

Place: fraz. Salvelletri – Fasano
Address: via degli Scavi, 87
Telephone: 080.4829056