Museums of Foggia

The Civic Museum offers visitors different routes: you can visit an archaeological section, an art gallery, an ethnographic section, and finally a section dedicated to the history of the city. Almost all the materials present in the various sections come from the territory of Foggia, some are of great value, we limit ourselves to mention some examples of steles belonging to the Daunia civilization and the red-figure pottery of the painter of Arpi. The paintings preserved in the Pinacoteca are by local artists or Neapolitan school. In the ethnographic section are reconstructed rural environments and work tools, very interesting the collection of jewels of local production. Finally, in the section dedicated to the history of the city, stone materials, epigraphs and documentary photographs are shown, illustrating the development of Foggia from its origins to the present day.

Place: Foggia
Address: Piazza V. Nigri, 1
Telephone: 0881/726245
Opening days: Visible on request

Naturalistic Museums

The Museum preserves several collections of great interest, the richest is the fauna, mainly ornithological, with over two hundred specimens and a thousand insects. The Geomorphologic section exposes minerals and rocks that illustrate the geological evolution of the territory. Of particular interest is the paleontological section, where visitors can admire, next to fossil finds of animal and plant organisms, two large casts of a herbivorous dinosaur and a carnivorous pterosaur, with a wingspan of more than four meters. Also noteworthy is the malacological collection, with over 500 molluscs of European and extra-European origin. The activity of the Museum is very intense, in fact it organizes exhibitions, conferences, debates and educational workshops.

Place: Foggia
Address: Ex Liceo Marconi, Viale di Vittorio, 31
Telephone: 0881/663972
Opening days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Scientific Museums

The interactive Museum of Sciences has favored an experiential type of approach, ie the visitor is involved in experiences – interactive ‘exhibits’ – on the different physical and chemical phenomena: magnetism, electricity, acoustics, etc … with the aim of interacting and observe the phenomenon that is being studied. The exhibits are around a hundred, so the visitor can satisfy the many scientific curiosities, with a playful and stimulating approach.

Place: Foggia
Address: Via Imperiale
Telephone: 0881/688706
Opening days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday