About Us

The purpose of “TERRANTICA CONSORTIUM” is to give a complete picture of all the Apulian territory, so as to provide national and international tourists as well as tour operators located in the Region, with all the information on tourist resources of Apulia, and to be an excellent reference partner for all the activities relating to the tourism field.
From this point of view, it’s important to underline that our aim is to supply companies with consultancy and commercial support, so that they may better utilize financial facilitations offered by public bodies and, generally speaking, all the opportunities connected to promotion of cultural, enogastronomic, social, architectural and landscape aspects that the local territory offers tourists.
The expertise of the Consortium’s staff is put at the disposal of all operators, through a number of services supporting operators in the tourism market, with the lively entrepreneurial and commercial outlook, that has always characterized its activity. The Consortium is continuously forming new partnerships to the end of strengthening its presence on the territory in an international scenario, acting as a key reference between constantly growing commercial entities and a major tourism and cultural offer, universally acknowledged as unique and wonderful!
The promotion of Apulia, as the ancient homeland or “terrantica” of history, culture and a great love for its traditions, is the fulcrum of our activity, striving to meet the varied interests of the Apulian tour operator field as well as those of the common tourist.


Through the development of territorial promotion, TerrAntica intends to highlight the necessity of consolidating and implementing international relationships of the land of Apulia, extremely rich in history, products, culture, architecture, landscape morphology, laying the foundations for an enhancement of technical and logistic infrastructures. The final aim is to increase the number of opportunities and chances for the companies associated with the consortium, so that they may better exploit the immense patrimony that our region can offer, acting on the territory from the territory itself.

Opportunities and Services

Terrantica offers its participants the opportunity of benefiting from a range of services, with the main objective of obtaining maximum satisfaction or highest results with the best quality-price ratio.
All the services provided by the consortium are included in the “TERRANTICA CARD”, which gives participants access to all the services, among which:

  • Insertion of tour operators, operators in complementary tourism services, accommodation and catering firms and organizing agencies in the Region, on our web portal, with specific links to their business home page;
  • Interpreting in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German; possibility of contacting interpreters in other languages from the nations of Eastern Europe, new and rich frontier for the tourist field and world economy;
  • Possibility of translating documents, articles and general information which will appear within the area dedicated to each Company and will help global communication in the fascinating process of the internationalization of Apulia in the world, and particularly of Apulia and its markets in the Russian Federation;
  • Planning of cultural tourism itineraries, towards the discovery of ancient Apulian flavours and traditions;
  • Information and suggestions on companies supplying complementary/accessory tourist services;
  • Availability of Tourist Guides;
  • Territorial marketing consultancies.

From the tourist’s point of view, the portal permits “territorial” netsurfing, through the description of the various Apulian tourism and cultural areas with specific historical, cultural, enogastronomic information and news concerning local events.

The web site includes information on history, culture, hospitality, events, itineraries, transport, travel agents, enogastronomy and, generally speaking, any information deemed to be useful in promoting and enjoying the Apulian territory or product.

Corporate Services

  • Incentives: the most useful and gratifying reward for members of your staff, a type of incentive which will certainly be appreciated and will help you obtain the best for your Company and for a member of your staff it will be a useful holiday, a pleasant trip, a welcome reward, along with the discovery of new places, new occasions for entertainment, new encounters and important opportunities for a personal and professional growth;
  • Meetings & Conventions: we will plan your most important Workshops, as well as retraining sessions, small or larger conferences, presentation of new work projects, etc., choosing within a vast range of offers from the most important Agencies and the most beautiful and appealing accommodation facilities, with the best quality-price ratio;
  • Events: as well as your Meetings we can organize your Events:
    • we will provide you with constant support and attention in the planning of your investments, so as to help you achieve your goals selectively and in the most productive manner;
    • we are equipped to provide you with typographic facilities for printing your catalogues, posters, business cards and any other document necessary for your activity, thanks to our contacts with the best firms, at competitive prices for our participants only, thus playing an active role in the achievement of your success.

We will help you in the choice of your partners, in devising your image, in your business trips and their planning, obtaining the best offers from the best Agents.

We will help you export your activity to the Countries of the Russian Federation; with us “Objective Moscow” and the internationalization of Apulia will be a reality and this, for all of you, means:

  • Economic growth;
  • Better opportunities for your offer and for the services you submit to your customers;
  • Strong international relationships, constantly growing thanks to the presence in Moscow for the last 15 years of our two executive branches taking care of all the contacts within the Federation through a pool of very professional and competent people, oriented to the growth of the Company and of the participants who have placed their trust in us;
  • Opportunities of joining enterprises implementing offer and growth, at the earliest stages of the market trends, as well as international opportunities available only to participants of TerrAntica.